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Take your time, do it right the first time. Like the carpenter's rule of thumb, "Measure twice, cut once!" Don't follow the current American business model of "We don't have time to do it right the first time, but we'll have plenty of time to correct our mistakes later!"

A large part of my last job in product development was customer visits to correct problems that shouldn't have been released into production, and since I was near the bottom of the food chain, explain to sometimes irate customers what I was doing and come up with some kind of explanation why I was there to fix something that shouldn't have been broke in the first place -without making asperssions on upper level management.

You have a goal to have a first class model ready for a particular show or contest. Let that be your guide to the timing of your progress, not other peoples' desire to see it finished. Please keep us informed of your progress. It's a great instructional course on how to do things right. And keep up the good work! Thanks!!
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