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Default Third And Final Audit Results

To some...this phase may appear to be duplication. I must admit...it would look to be that very thing.....but this is in fact the third audit and series of changes since this project began. Why?? That's easy, you are viewing "completed" work and very little of work across time. This is a most important aspect of every scratch build. Airframe doesn't simply come out of your rear...pocket.

Remember this is neither kit nor plan build. If you change one major element it changes everything. This time around literally started at the nacelle/engine pylon and worked outward to the wing tips and nose to tail with final dims.

There is a new former...aka fuselage parting point STA704.25 hot wired shape change. I went back to the B-47D to extract this former to achieve proper shape.

It will be joined with the forward center hot wired section as one piece "aka glued" with the parting point at 861.00 and 1221.60. The proper belly swag is now within the bomb bay doors to prevent having to hot wire a new section beneath wing.

Now, parting point and new formers become 3D CAD via Solid Works and I move to mounting recesses for the mains at the parting points. Down & Locked needs to give me the length and angle of the dangle on their electric conversion of the pneumatic.
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