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Taking the time to read this project thread up to this point discloses how little remains. We are knee deep in auditing everything we have done thus far. So much changes as you move forward in a project. If you do not audit and literally "discard" the old, it will find its way back into the project....definately something you do now want.

A good example is how I am now going to use a removable aluminum spar blade instead of the vested hardwood blade shown earlier. This permits a much better maintenance and living with process. Though the root will rarely be taken apart, it can be inspected and tightened. Our transport parting points remain the same.

Our aluminum spar blade has inboard and outboard brass screw seats top and bottom to permit removal of an entire wing if it ever becomes necessary. This construction method enables easier replacement of a wing component with less to be replaced when there is an opps. Otherwise an opps could force replacement of the fuselage center section when the damage was isolated in the inboard section of the wing.

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