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Default Reasoning With Resi-nonce


Other than a simple answer of "the plane", what specifically would you suggest could be constructed at this point? Did you see and understand our assembly/construction method?

I decided I needed to add a broader response here:

We are working in composite materials, some of which an observer might consider to be simple XPS with little consideration for the differences in XPS much less XPS compared to EPS. This is not to speak down to anyone, just the opposite as I intended my project to share and enable anyone reading this to duplicate the entire project following the simple "assembly" instructions which will appear in the (3rd) section of this thread.

If I have actually bored readers, sorry we were really wanting to share some of the processes utilized in scratch building scale. The end result is a higher score. You might ask yourself how do you know what yields a higher score... ;^) To those I say you can learn a lot when helping, working, conducting, judging, timing, feeding, etc. competitive flying scale contests...get involved!

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