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Ed, I am only too well aware that what you are posting is the result of many, many false starts and dead ends as well as a lot of on the job training. Something new is always learned in these journeys.

Captain Midnight, I am not ignoring you it is just that this website doesn't allow people like myself to answer or post personal messages until that person has at least 5 posts here. After this one I'll still be three short.

But to answer your question: No, the stand-off model I am building started out as the Great Planes ARF of the Curtiss Army Hawk P6E 5 years ago. It has now magically morphed into a Curtiss Navy BFC-2 Goshawk and the end of this project is in sight, albeit a rather dim and indistinct sight.

I am not yet building a B-47. However, if you see some old guy with gray hair and a darker mustache standing under the museum's B-47 and drooling on his shoes some weekend, introduce yourself.

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