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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
That's very odd, i can get into it and do whatever I like in there, also running Win 7.

See screenshot, maybe you need to check the permissions on the App Data folder?
I think that's where the confusion is. Windows 7 has two similar sounding directories. One is AppData. That one I had no problems with, and even successfully copied the Motocalc 8 files to the AppData directory. Didn't work.

There is another Windows 7 directory by the name of Application Data. That one is hidden, and you do not have access to it. The Application Data directory can be "Unhidden" but even after doing that, any viewing or file copying is blocked by Windows 7.

So, if "appdata" is the correct directory for motocalc version 8.08, I still don't understand why version 8.08 did not recognize the original files.
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