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That's really odd. As user XXX, the files under XXX/Application Data (aka AppData) are YOUR files, so you should be allowed access to them. That is where Microsoft wants developers like us to put the user's files, since (as of Vista), they don't have access to files in "C:/Program Files".

The folder will be dimmed even when Show Hidden Folders is turned on, but you should still be allowed to go there. Perhaps some security setting on your system is preventing you from going there, and also prevented MotoCalc from copying the files from the previous version there?

If you're unable to resolve this, you can uninstall MotoCalc 8.08 and reinstall MotoCalc 8.07, and all your projects should reappear. Let me know if you need an installer for 8.07, or if you still have it handy.

Please note that we're in the middle of what looks like is going to be a 4-day power outage due to an ice storm. I'm connected to the Internet right now by satellite, with the equipment running on batteries, so my responses will be sporadic until late Monday.
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