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Default Motocalc Update from 8.07 to 8.08

I've been using motocalc now for many years. And, today, I did the free update of my copy from 8.07 to 8.08 by what should have been a simple update.

And update it did. Including WIPING OUT ALL OF MY 50 PLUS PROJECTS

Can't find them anywhere. There is absolutely no warning or documentation of this issue anywhere on the motocalc web page, the motocalc update screen, or in the on-line motocalc.pdf instruction document.

I lost a lot of valuable information from many club members models that were documented.

I've got many other programs that I've done updates on, and none of them delete any existing files or projects.

An email has been sent to on this, but I don't have much hope for ever getting these files back.
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