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Originally Posted by pval3 View Post
Hey guys

Dealt with the same issue with the older Kyosho stuff.

Take 90% rubbing alchohol from your local drugstore and apply it with a clean cloth, turning often and keeping it very wet the first time.

Do the same thing again but use a dryer towel and make sure that you do not have any streaking.

Do this all over the fuselage AFTER you have assyembled the model so you get your hand grease off it too.

BEFORE you glue anything to this model . . . . . . . .

take sand paper on a dowel and very carefully stick it throught the slots on the fuselage and roughen up all the connecting surfaces before you slap glue on it! I have had tail feathers just wiggle loose from arf kyosho kits with the same type of fuselage if there is not an adequately rough surface for the glue to bond too.

You also need to remove the covering with an exacto blade under the areas that will be glued. . .glue and monocoat do not bond well as it is non porus and smoother than whale snot!

Gorilla glue will be my glue of choice too . . .. unless you use a slower epoxy, the chances of the glue not really sticking well is pretty high...

Take it from the voice of experience
This is all good info, but the Polk C-47 does not use glue. The Rudder and Elevator are screwed in with no glue. The only place I used Epoxy, was at the wing joiners, and the instructions say you can get away with just using the tape provided if you want to take the wings back apart.

And, to get mine to balance, I used 2 each, Hyperion 3s 3300 maH packs in the nose.
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