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Originally Posted by Stan-the-Man View Post

These are certainly valid points, Ed. No argument from me on "planes are made to fly, and not to crash", but you wouldn't know it by my early efforts. :o

The AB-3 has a reputation for being more of an intermediate plane than a beginner plane, as you well know. The reason often cited is its design for greater speed capability, as compared with the Super Cub. With the leaner design features, it has a tendency to react more abruptly at times, under those conditions which we mentioned, which I certainly didn't mean were exclusive to the AB-3.

I think you would agree that the Super Cub, for example, has more forgiving flight design characteristics as does a "Slo-Stick".

As for repair, I admire you dental school candidates who don't get claustrophobia looking into those teeny tiny spaces, dropping microscopic screws, and remembering which wire belongs where. Like you said, it takes "patience", which I no longer have much of in my workspace.

I yield to the argument of other planes requiring more repair than the AB-3 on impact, but I've seen designs that offer more available access to their components -- before they crash. That was my point. You know the ones -- where the canopy just lifts off and the servos and connecting rods stare you in the face.

I think the AB-3 is a fun plane the once a pilot gets some experience with it.

You offered some good input. Thanks for filling in.

Once again I think we are in general agreement.

On one note, the AB, and then the AB Challenger were my primary recommendation for first planes for years. I started on the original Aerobird. I still have it. The AB3 is no less qualifed and is on my TOP 5 list of recommended first RTFs.

However, having said that, I think the Easy Star and the Super Cub are even better. Both have stronger wings than the AB3 and so they can take more punnishment. And, since the wings are thicker, if you break them you can glue them back together with a high degree of confidence that they will hold. The AB3 wing is of a thinner design for weight, so it is a little more delicate.

The Super Cub has a larger motor ( 480 ) than the AB3 (380) but at 26 ounces it is also heavier. That exta weight and power make the plane, perhaps, a little more stable in the wind.

Of coures the Cub costs about 50% more than the AB3 too.

But they are all good first plane
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