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Originally Posted by cj2563 View Post
I have heard that flying a 4CH is easier than a 3CH is that true. I have a super cub lp and I am looking at the apprentice for my aileron trainer any other suggestions?
3 channels are easier, BUT...
...a 3 channel plane generally isn't as maneuverable as a 4ch, so if you're a beginner, they're going to require larger spaces and lighter winds. Start with a 3ch and get comfortable with the basic behavior of an RC plane. You'll be a bit limited as to when and where you can fly, so you're going to want to graduate to a more maneuverable plane pretty soon. Starting with a 4ch plane is also an option, but it's best done together with someone who can help you out. Also, technologies as AS3X and SAFE remove some of the hurdles of a 4ch bird and once they mature even more they may completely remove the need for 3ch planes.
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