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info Need some small wire? You probably already have it.

I wanted some small wire to power a few leds on a plane, but couldn't find anything reasonable in my stash.

Then I noticed a box on my shelf with old phone cords, the type between the phone and the wall.

In a few minutes I had over 12 feet of nice small wire. I don't know the gauge, but it is plenty big enough for probably 5 amps. I had some 36 gauge which was rated for 2 amps, this is about twice the wire size but much tougher, the 36 ga was very easy to break, this wire is STRONG. The outside insulation will fit inside the 30 gauge hole in my wire strippers, that may give you an idea of the size.

Some cords have 2 conductors and some have 4. It is flexible stranded wire, 0.036" outside insulation diameter.

I will not worry about having small wire again.

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