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Originally Posted by Larry3215 View Post

You might try erasing the data file, then re-flashing the firmware. Ive seen reports of the file being odd after just coming back from a repair.

Which version of firmware is it?

I also seem top recall seeing a report that 4.?? had a bug causing date corruption. Sorry dont remember for sure but I probably saw that on the RCG Castle forum.

Couldnt hurt to talk to customer service too.
Yeah, I've erased the datafile, and will just run the ESC again. Don't see how it could be a malfunction, since my A123 packs will NEVER put out 50 some volts at 130 Amps! Also did note strange datafiles on my ESC's both new in box and after a CC upgrade.

Don't know about customer service though. After sending this ESC to CC for their recall, they absolutely NEVER got back to me after I made repeated phone calls and emails to CC. Took seven weeks to get it back from CC.
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