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Originally Posted by Merritt View Post
Thanks for the info. I'm using the factor for a Motocalc prediction myself. I spent the better part of one evening searching for the ICE spec. I wondered if the data logging apsect was creating higher than normal resistance for the ICE series, soooooo they left that spec out.
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I dont think thats the case. The only logging item that could even conceivably cause a higher resistance would be the current logging - and they use Hall Effect sensors for that, so zero additional resistance in the circuit. All other items are either calculated or based on voltage readings and fluctuations, so no added resistance there.

Also, based on my personal experience with how cool the ICE units run - even at full rated loads -Im guessing the resistances are at least as low if not lower then lower than the equivalent Phoenix series controllers.

You will be in the ball park at least using the P80 resistance. Its likely your connectors have higher resistance anyway
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