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Default ICE 75 Resistance

Originally Posted by kyleservicetech View Post
Interesting, CC doesn't publish that. But, the lists the Castle Creations Phoenix 75 Amps resistance as 0.0012 ohms, so suspect the ICE line is in the same area.

I've got a CC 80 Amp HV ESC, they wired this thing with #10 wire.

Since the motor windings are usually 5 or 10 times that 0.001 ohms, the actual power loss in the ESC it self would be pretty low in comparison. In fact, a lot of ESC's don't even use heat sinks on the power Fets that control the high currents involved. The ICE lines do have heat sinks, making them less vulnerable to instantaneous failure due to momentary severe current overloads.
Thanks for the info. I'm using the factor for a Motocalc prediction myself. I spent the better part of one evening searching for the ICE spec. I wondered if the data logging apsect was creating higher than normal resistance for the ICE series, soooooo they left that spec out.
I like my CC, just speculation
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