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Unfortunately, I have neither another ESC, nor another prop to try. The prop is already a size smaller than AXi recommends (24x12 is what they call for).

Wires are all stock length. I am using 5mm (yes, FIVE millimeter) gold-plated bullet connectors from Venom Racing.

Any ideas what Dan Landis's setup was at NEAT last year? He was running the preproduction 5345/16 motor and a 110HV ESC on the 1.56 beta firmware (I believe it was alpha at the time), and I don't recall any strange noises from his setup.

This seems to be a pretty common thing with all my AXi/Phoenix combinations, all the way from a lowly 4120/14 and Phoneix 60 through this latest monster. They don't like anything but the low timing and 13KHz PWM setting. Even with these settings, the bigger ones have all screeched at full throttle on freshly-charged batteries up until now. This half-throttle thing is a new one on me.
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