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Default Modification to RK TX18S 18650 battery holder

The Radioking TX18S has inbuilt charge facility - but its very slow and powered from USB C cable. In use - the rear of case gets warm so there is possibly a heat issue to note ... it is known that Jumper did not put charge into their later radios for such reason.

I would like to be cautious and not use this too often and only on low power when necessary. Therefore the 18650 holder needs to have charger suitable for it. The 18650's are LiIon at 4.2V max - so LiPo charging is fine.
The holder has the standard 2S balance plug - so if you have one of those simple 2S / 3S balance lead only chargers - that will do the job ... but again its slow.

So I decided to use my programmable LiPo chargers - but they need a main charge lead as well as balance lead ... so :

XT30 to lead ...

Poke through so contact can be made by cells pressing soldered ends of wires to contacts :

Bobs proverbial ... works a treat ...

XT30 as its small and easily sits in the battery bay ... just needed to make adaptor from XT30 to XT60 for charger ...
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