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Originally Posted by cpmalish View Post
hi,jeff or anyone who may be using this motor 3548-07, I have it mounted on a 3-3.5 plane and I hooked up to the watt meter and with a 4 cell 4400 mah lipo and a 50 amp ESC 11x6 wood prop it pulled 17.7 amps 221 watts I'm guessing I might of picked the wrong motor or is there something I'm doing wrong any help is greatly aprriciate thanks,Chris
Hi Chris the 3548-07 is a low KV/RPM motor, 700Kv/RPM, for what you want, a 3548-09 would have been better, its a 900KV motor,

on the 3548-07 you can run a 12x8 or 12x10 prop on it with a 4 cell, but check it with a Wattmeter to be on the safe side.

also check your Lipo, it could be weak, check it against another lipo of about the same size, just to make sure its not a weak lipo, also check your dean connection and esc to motor connectors to make sure they are tight.

and something else you can do is to run a 5 cell with your 3548-07 that will wake it up with a 11x6 wood prop again, check it with a wattmeter to be on the safe side, Take care and have fun, Chellie
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