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Yak 52sorry for getting your name wrong:o), you bring up something that has been stirring in the back of my mind for a while now... The actually construction of the aircraft. Working solely from a set of 3-views, I will have no real guidance in that department (even a copy of the original blueprints will be of little use in that regard), especially since the laser cutting service is only there to cut the parts. I am no aerospace engineer, and I will not pretend to be one. I can fix a plane, sure. I can build a kit, sure. I can even work from plans (I am really quite terrible at it, but I can do it). But to actually design the aircraft is something that is beyond me at this time. That is why I intend to purchase that set of plans pburt linked to. I will base my internal structure off of those, and use the 3-views (or blueprints-hey, I could get lucky!) photos to get the proper scale look. With the dimensions I have, and the good people here on wattlyer to help, I should be able to get this to work.
However, I am still not getting the area scaling thing. The article on scaling a model said to multiple the full scale area by the square of the scale factor. So, 212.1 sq. ftx1/73.051355102491051209=2.9034269sq ft. So far, so good. Now, here is where I am getting lost. I want that in square inches. 2.9034269*12=34.8411228, which is wrong, as span times chord gives me 227 somthin'. But, 2.9034269*144=418.093474. I must calculate my taiplane, ailron, rudder and fin area, so I need to understand this.

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