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I have been doing my best to absord everything you guys have told me, and everything I have read in online articles (some that you linked to, and some you did not) so far, I have learned this:
1. How to scale the plane, and, subsequently, I have my dimensions
2. There is a mysterious mathematical force that causes even the most precisely designed and built scale models to fly COMPLETELY differently than their full-scale counterparts when their weight is to scale.
3. This force is beyond the understanding of mere mortals such as myself.
4. The only way to combat said force is by making your model as light as possible, and hoping for the best.
5. How to calculate my watts-per-pound requirement.
6. For some reason, I seem incapable of scaling areas.
Now, I am left with these questions:
1. Is there any risk of making my model too light?
2. If I do not maintain a scale weight, should I still maintain the same power to weight ratio as the full scale?
3. What the heck am I doing wrong in regards to my area calculations?
4. Does motocalc know what its' talking about?
5. When adding up my watts per pound to give me my total watts needed, should I use my target AUW, the kit weight, or kit weight with motor?

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