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Originally Posted by d&mrc View Post
. If I keep my current target weight, scale the plane and power loading properly, will the plane not be flying "scale", regardless of how it looks to the eye?
Simple answer is NO. It will not be scale, it will be an absolute hot-rod. On take off, landing, and flying. Very much a handful.

Like the link above showed, it's all about fuse lengths per second. A heavy plane eats up WAY more fuse lengths per second than a real plane.

My response in post 30 got a bit wordy. Let me put it this way. If you want a scale plane, make it VERY MUCH as light as you possibly can. EVERYTHING you put on the plane (balsa, sheeting, covering, battery, servos wheels, machine guns - everything) should be selected for as light as you can get.

I sure don't mean to pick on you, please don't take it that way. But scale flight is something that I REALLY want to achieve, and the plane that most closely comes to this is my eflite Jenny. At 34 inch wing span, and EIGHT ounces, it's still probably faster than true scale "look" in flight.

Good luck, looking forward to your project. It's a cool looking plane, and very worthy of modeling.
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