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Dereck: Actually, from what I have read, it was relegated to a ground attack role because its' negative stagger created a blind spot behind that pilot. This was a serious pain in arse in a dogfight. However, that self-same negative stagger gave the pilot an excellent view up-front. Also, (again, from what I have read) it was a lack of power, not any aerodynamic flaw in the design, that limited its' altitude. However, due to its' unconventional design, rumors began circulating about said performance issues.
Yak 54: I have done the math over and over again, and still keep getting the same wing area. Scale wing area: 212.1 sq ft
212.1x12=2545.2sq in
2545.2x(1/(8.54700547squared))=34.8412428 sq in. Where am I screwing up?
I am keeping the 1/8.547008547 scale, but only because I have so much time and energy invested in it.
Everyone: As I am sure you know, how fast a model appears to fly and how fast it does fly are, completely different things. If I keep my current target weight, scale the plane and power loading properly, will the plane not be flying "scale", regardless of how it looks to the eye?
And that's another thing. Should I base the models power needs off of the full scale's empty weight, or its' full weight? What I have right now is:
HP per pound (model and full scale): .1089010891
Total hp needed (model): .17617743
In watts that comes out to 81.2148372602842 watts per pound, and a total of 131.375486647934 watts needed. However, I used the full scale's empty weight (1010 pounds), and my models' "empty" (assembled kit+motor) to get these numbers. was that the correct way to do it?
as far as what I want, well, I want a plane that is as true to life as possible. This will be my first, and probably last scale model. I am what you might call a low-budget modeler. Come May however, I should have at least 200, if not 300, dollars just for this project. If that aint enough, then I will aquire the electronics over time.
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