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Default Need Motor? ESC Advice for Seagull for 1/3 scale Morane Saulnier

I am advancing from foam bind and fly airplanes to a Seagull Morane Saulnier 1/3 scale plane that I intend to power with an electric motor/esc. Final weight is estimated at 32 pounds. I intend to fly this plane as a sport flyer with 10-12S setup. Legend hobby recommends powering at 40-60cc equivalent electric power. Has anyone built this model or does anyone have sage advice for which motor and ESC to pick. I was considering the Rimfire 1.7, Rimfire 65cc (maybe too big), or Turnigy Rotomax 50 cc. Esc thoughts included Castle Creation Phoenix Edge 120 HV ESC. If anyone has a similar size plane and willing to make a recommendation I would be most appreciative.
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