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Originally Posted by Gohmer View Post

Maybe you'll have better luck here. That's where I put my for sale posts.
This is not a for sale thread, but thank you for the suggestion.

Each of the WBC purchases, has an 'Inquiry Thread" where we see who wants to participate. Once we have enough players, then I start an actual for sale thread, where everyone replies and gets the sale information.

Thats how its worked in the past, and how it will work in the future.

The example is if this one does not happen, hopefully there will be another 'inquiry thread' for WBC #10 with another item soon, when another deal presents itself. ALL WF members can suggest a deal, provide a link etc. We have bought from Hobby King, RCTimer, Hyperion and more. If the deal is good and requires a bulk purchase to happen, this is the place where members come together to take advantage of a larger purchase a single person could not do.

Maybe even you will participate one day and have the ability to personally appreciate the deal, and the effort involved.
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