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first of all THANK U SO MUCH, this information will help me a lot,
but i have some questions:
1)by "control surface" you mean all the flaps,rudders,... right?

2)" Some structureal members will need to be strengthened vs just multiplying the cross section's dimensions."
do u mean that i have to use my judgment in order to decide if i need to strengthen the members or not??

3)of course after scaling i will need a new ,bigger ,more powerful i calculate drag over new areas and then calculate the thrust required or is there a scale factor for that too(thrust factor)?

4)in general cases..does the new wing area usually provide enough Lift for the x6 weight or should i do as u said and search for other materials?

5)thanks again, i feel that i have come to the right place and sorry if i sounded a bit noob.....THX
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