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After the loss of my Radian I built a Slow Stick as a disposable test bed for equipment I was not familiar with, specifically the Orange RX Spectrum compatible receiver and the new Hobby King $1.69 HK15178 servos. Reviews indicated that they were just about identical in performance to the HXT 900s. The HXTs were out of stock so I tried out the HKs.

Published Spec:
Torque: 1.2kg/cm @ 4.8v, 1.4kg/cm @ 6v
Weight: 10g
Speed: 0.10/60deg @ 4.8v, 0.09/60deg @ 6v
Voltage: 4.8v~6v
Plug: JR

These have a sleeve bearing (no bearing by aeajr nomenclature). They are analog servos. Weight is right at 10 grams fully assembled with control arm.

I find that they are noticeably faster and center better than the eFlite servos that came stock in my Radian. But those servos have received more than their share of criticism and maybe are not the best standard of comparison. Each click of trim on my DX5e results in an evenly measured discrete step from the servo and centering is excellent.

I only have about 3 months flying them in the Slow Stick but they have been flawless so far. Oops, they're now $1.89.

It's not like the HXTs are not value priced already. But alternatives are good and it's been fun trying out these cheapies and finding that I like them.

Their speed and current draw as tested by reviewers on the HK website are so close to the HXT900 that you've got to wonder.......
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