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Originally Posted by UGLYPUG View Post
Hi,, Got a question on an outrunner motor. It is a 60 size,, I ran it hot, timing was off, but did not burn the windings, and some magnets came loose. I glued them back in, but it does not want to start turning very well, and the 3 wires start getting hot. I have a second motor, and swapped the stators and rotors??? And the windings part works with the new motor rotor? ,, it seems one of the magnets I re glued may be in backwards, upside down?? I did not know if that made any difference,,, it seems from looking at the "scratch" marks on all of them, that it is only one,, could that be the problem?? The bearings are all good,,,, it only ran for a short time while "hot" ,,, any thoughts???
Take a look:
Drytesting brushless motors

Yes the magnets must be in the proper order of "North - South - North- South around the magnet structure. Getting one backwards will likely screw up the ESC's sensing.

Back in the days when I built up a few www.gobrushless.com motors, I used the old trick of putting some baking soda between the magnets, making certain no baking soda sticks over the magnets. Then hit the baking soda with the very thin CA. Instant concrete. Might help to lightly sand the area under and inbetween the magnets before doing this.

Don't know for certain, but the above thread has a chance of identifying an upside down magnet, by shorting out the three motor windings with a wire nut, then slowly spinning the motor with a small battery operated drill. The resulting drag will be very significant, and should be very smooth. Don't short out the motor windings with a jumper cable from Radio Shack, the currents involved are very high, voltage very low.

Good luck
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