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Originally Posted by Angler-Hi View Post
Well however you did it, it looks like a sweet idea! Really liking the look John. My wife just found the "other" box that had all the original parts for my P-51!!!!!!!!! The retracts along with all the control rods and evrything else in it! I asked her, "I thought you said you didn't touch any of my plane stuff while I was gone"? She said, "well I didn't know what was in it...it was just in my way". It's about the size of a phone book...how could it be in your way!!?? Anyways, I have it now, after spending over $60.00 in crap to get her built, that was in the bedroom all along!

Whatever...can't wait to start the build!!!! WAHOO!!

Dude that is awesome. Can't wait to see the progress as it goes together.

And john - that's pretty sweet - reminds me of Lowenbrau - is that the Grippen?

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