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Originally Posted by smokejohnson View Post
I've had no problems with the x-mount to the disc it's the disc to foam that I have always had a problem with. And it's not that the disc comes loose from the takes the foam that it's glued to with it. The pic with the balsa triangle stock is from a previous Yak that I had with the same problem.

I added some triangle pieces of foam to my current Yak but it didn't help either as you can see from the pics. Maybe I'm just hitting the ground harder than I think :o.

Ray your FFF Yak's look great BTW. The extra foam you added covers more area than the pieces I added and I will try it out before I retire this one but I think I will end up with a piece of 3/8th stick like I use on my combat planes on my next one.
That is kind of a weak spot of the foam plane for sure. I started with that yak and the first one got so nose heavy from epoxying the motor back on I finally gave up on that one and had to order another one. I think it took one yak to figure out the best way to land with without damage. Now I have been reinforcing the nose of my planes with extra foam all the way back past the leading edge of the wing. I didn't have a picture of how I did my yak but here is one that I reinforced (this one I sandwiched the fuse with foam it gave me a larger surface to glue the mount to also). On my yak I added one extra pc of foam on the bottom and the two sides.
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