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Oh, how I have suffered for you people. Sacramento is hot today, Africa hot, 100 + degrees. I put a total of 6 flights on the Corsair; three flights with the 2 bladed prop and three flights with the 3 bladed prop.

Here’s the PnP setup: stock, except for the ESC, a CC-36 and the battery a TP 2200 mAh V2 3S 25C.

For the scope of the review I will keep the flight performance relative to the stock PZ T-28 Trojan. The Corsair is much more nimble than the T-28, much quicker in all aspects of flight and faster all around. The plane has a great vertical capability with both props, a very fast roll rate and tight loops. The plane will telegraph its stall speeds with a pretty aggressive series of wing waggles, nothing nasty just point the nose down and it will find a good glide path. The Trojan is much more subtle in the way it stalls, but the Corsair recovers seems just as easy. I did a several dead stick approaches and got a good feel for the glide characteristics. The Corsair appears to have a higher rate of speed during it glide path and needs a bit more room to land. The dead stick landings were easy today as there was a light breeze ~3 mph. All I really needed to maintain control during a dead stick landing was nose down attitude and a little rudder (I tend to stay away from aileron inputs at really low speeds). The landing gear handles short grass fine, but I did not attempt to taxi the plane around as the tail wheel is rather small. As a tail dragger you need to either fly the plane in for landing or if you have experience with tail draggers just the normal throttle control coupled with up elevator at the right moment to avoid ground looping.
The plane spins like a top and something about the gull wings make it look really cool especially during a scale victory roll. Just like the, Trojan, rolls with rudder input can go well beyond scale performance, but are still quicker with the Corsair.

My overall impression is ParkZone hit a homerun this plane. The look is very scale and the performance is very acrobatic. Is this a beginner plane? No, I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner, not because it has any bad characteristics, but because it can get small fast. Couple the speed factor with the dark blue color scheme and you can quickly loose your orientation if you are not in tune with exactly what inputs you are giving the plane. I will say the white outline on the bottom of the plane really helps your visual acuity, but there are moments (steep dives right at you) that you can momentarily loose the plane. I would recommend this plane to anyone who has complete confidence in his/her skills or feels that the Trojan is an old friend, albeit a bit slow now. Also if you are going to take the plunge as a beginner, double check for spare parts at you LHS first, mine had none, so you might have to wait if you crack it up.

Tips: Check the control clevises as the plastic post is rather weak, mine was stressed and I replaced it. Also experiment with the clevis position on the rudder and elevator control horns. My rudder had very little authority on the hole furthest from the rudder, but I moved it in one hole and it’s great now. Yes, you will notice a slight difference in performance with the 3 bladed prop and no it does not really sound any different that the normal one, but it looks really, really cool esp. with the yellow tips.

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