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so blue, you made it shorter or longer to have more stable hover?[/quote]

Sorry it took so long to reply, but I made them shorter by moving them towards the middle of the servo. You have to readjust the ball-links after doing this, I think I moved them two whole turns out. This made it so much easier to control. I have 6 more battery cycles on it now, and on my way to true rotor-headery!

The manual says this bird is Li-poly ready, I have a two cell 2000mah lipo and a three cell 1050mah lipo. I'm looking into upgrading to a three cell 2000-3000mah batts. will I have any problems with this? Is it too much for the stock brushed motor. I think I'll need the heat sinks, since the moter already gets semi-hot from the current cells. Any feedback would be greatly appriciated,

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