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Originally Posted by wilky View Post
I think thats what i was Implying....or does everything have to be explained to you too....:p

all righty then, back to the 109 you know toward the end of WWII they started stripping 109s of armor and guns and used them on ramming missions? kinda like Kamikazes only they rammed other planes......sounds right up hoppys alley.

Opps, hey any progress Mr. Grasshopper sir?

There was a show on the history channel about that a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't heard of it until I saw that. And yes, I got what you meant about ramming my own planes. Those guys in Illinois are a little slow. Must be the cold weather.

I haven't done much more today. I have a 5 year old that want's to play with all his Christmas stuff. I need to silk the top of the wing, do some sanding and it's ready to get the tail feathers and ailerons attached. Then she's off to the paint booth, (aka garage).
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