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Originally Posted by 3D Romeo View Post

I just bought an E-flite 480 1020Kv Outrunner, and was wondering if it is safe to use my Phoenix 25 with it? The motor is rated at 22A continuous current, and 28A max burst current.

I would think that it would fall within the specs of this speed control, but want to make sure before hooking it up. I don't know if using a motor that falls that close to the upper limits of the speed controls ratings will shorten it's life, or not?

I'm looking at a Thunderbird 36 if the Phoenix 25 is to small, but would prefer using the Phoenix 25 if possible. I'm unemployed right now, and would prefer not having to buy a new speed control if I don't have to. Then again, I don't want to risk frying my Phoenix if I don't have to either LOL.

Thank You,


P.S. - A hobby store has the Thunderbird 36 on sale until the 4th of July. So if you recommend getting the Thunderbird 36 please try to respond before then.
I know a guy thats using a 25A on that motor running 1320 Pro lite Thunder power batts in a mini edge it seems to do fine, the ESC is not a CC but a electrify I belive.

Lets see if someone else has info, i am about to get a plane that takes the same motor and was planing on useing my CC25 with it unless others think thats a bad idea..

BTW what Hobby shop has it onsale? a local on or online one?
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