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As for the canopy and cowl fit... it seems you may need to do some trimming. Here is a post from Shaun at PA about this issue that I came accross on the MK build thread:
......about the cowl no it shouldn’t be on top of the hatch. It is shown in the instruction but I guess the photo is too small (because of the printing size mistake). The cowl should be aligned (top & profile view) with the front bulkhead, then you sand or cut or grind gently a bit of the top to allow the hatch front to fit on top (do it gently to avoid gap between the cowl and the hatch).
That was done on the first batch of planes and then we have changed the cowl molds due to the modifications we did in the bulkhead and in these planes the cowl fits the same (aligned on the bulkhead) but this time the hatch doesn’t go on top of the bulkhead so there is no need in trimming the cowl as case A.

In any case the cowl is not placed on top of the hatch.


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To be honest it doesn't make much sense to me but maybe with the model in front of you it just might? I think the front lip of the canopy has to fit 'over' the front bulkhead, not sit behind it as might be the case with the fit-up you tried.

The PA pushrods are a pet hate of mine too. They do actually work ok if you rough up the wire so that the glue and thread can take hold, but they are fiddly and time consuming to make up and don't allow any adjustment. PA say they use them to save weight but for a couple of grams give me adjustable ball links any day.

The bridge on the tail slot will be there to stop the covering crushing the fuselage when it shrinks. Shame they didnt cut out the covering from front part of the slot.
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