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Originally Posted by CHELLIE View Post
Glad it was a easy and cheap Fix Your plane flies good, Looks to need more thrust, Try a 7X6 APC Prop, that should really wake it up
Well cheaper than a fuel pump.
I was flying her at half throttle and sometimes just 1/3 throttle trying to find her stall speed (I guess you noticed the wing rock) so as to test it and to extend the flight time. Still she cruised around just under 50 mph per RCSPEEDO @ 1/2 stick.
The Rafale's flying weight is 23 oz. The SMJv2 with a 6x4 puts out about 30 oz.
so that's a 1.3 thrust to weight ratio which ain't toooo bad.
I've used a 7x5 on this motor before but that's too big for the Rafale's prop-slot. So I will mount a 6x5 APC instead for the next flight. I used the SMJv2 with a 6x5.5 on my "5EZP" F-18E Super Hornet to great effect in 2012.
I may build an EDF version with a 70mm on 4S power. That's 40+oz. of thrust.
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