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Originally Posted by Bobdaeronort View Post
I have a Ford F-150 Quad-cab / short bed. Turned out to be the OEM security system relay and fuel pump relay.
Sorry bout that, Try this one:
Glad it was a easy and cheap Fix Your plane flies good, Looks to need more thrust, Try a 7X6 APC Prop, that should really wake it up
GH Super Mega Jet V2 Brushless Outrunner Motor

[SuperMegaJet] $34.99 by Marbris Dillard Date Added: Monday 03 March, 2014 All I can say is OMG! This motor pushed my dollar tree foam board scratch build to 94 mph, logged on a voltron GPS logger. I have been flying the supersonic motor which flew my plane very well on a 6x5.5 apc e. But this smjv2 is a whole other animal! Vertical is unlimited, and turns a 7x5 prop all day with no heating problems at all. My setup is smjv2, 3S 2200 30C lipo, detrum 60 amp esc. I have never tried a 4S with this motor, and honestly I have no intention to at this point lol. Flight time is 5-7 minutes. This motor is awesome. I ordered the monsterjet to test 4S on my next scratch build. Plane weight is 21 oz full flying weight. Only issue is I have to be careful pulling up to hard cause the thrust is very hard on my wings even with reinforcement and kfm4 airfoils.
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