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Originally Posted by CHELLIE View Post
Its getting there Looking good Bob, Try building with white depron 6 mm and 9 mm Foam, the blue cor foam is Ok, but the Depron is much stiffer, and will give you a super nice build, the blue cor foam tends to wafer when building, where the depron stays nice and Flat. try using 5 and 30 min epoxy too, I buy epoxy from Harbor freight tools, it works great and does not turn yellow. Before I Forget Wipe the Depron with Rubbing alcohol, that will remove the release agent that is used when making the foam, and tape and paint will stick better to the foam.

I checked out the white Depron prices. Way to rich for me. I smash them too much and too often to afford the nice stuff.
I built my "5EZP" F-18C with some white Depron from Grayson Hobby. It was pretty nice foam. But also too expensive.
Also my short attention span and need for immediate gratification makes using epoxy impossible. So I guess it's still hot glue and burnt fingers for me.
Dow blue-core can be wavy but the Owens-Corning Pink fan-fold is flat and around here it's also cheaper.
I'll have to try the alcohol treatment. Thanks.
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