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Default Exhaust @ 87% OF FSA = Max Thrust

Originally Posted by pattern14 View Post
Glad you explained that Ed; I too was wondering about the amount of
induction with those nose cones. Wondering how it will sound as well
For AMA, Scale Masters, or TG a competitor is permitted to remove the shock wave cones without a
down grade. In FAI F4C you swim in an arena of strict adherence to replication of 1:1 without grace.

A lot has been learned and put into place for the next step to begin. I hope you have enjoyed the trek
to this point. As I said recently, we will be taking more rapid steps from this point forward, hang on...

There is no practical method, within reason, to calculate shock wave cone consequence on thrust and
throttle ramp-up speed. As for sound, The XPS Pro EDF is going to sound like the "Real Thing" I grew up
knowing a multi-engine jet sounded like. A clear whistle~whine and sine wave during ramp-up of rpm.

Here is what an XPS Pro EDF twin sounds like: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ej9gQiSqMz0&lr=1&uid=Y-yJZUspAjIbrfgAsFtEjw[/media]

The current version of the XPS Pro is stronger in both thrust and authentic sound than is in this early
twin development.


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