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Originally Posted by dahawk View Post
I'm a B-24 Liberator fan but I'm biased because my Dad was a crew chief on one. There were far more B-24's built than B-17's during the war and the only reason they did not get as publicity was that the B-17 bases were mainly around London and the B-24 bases were further north. The reporters didn't want to travel that far. Plus, the entertainment industry insisted that Clark Cable be assigned to a B-17 versus the B24 because it was easier to fly. Jimmie Stewart on the other hand, went for the B-24 because he considered it a "pilot's" airplane.

Wish the Chinese EPO foam builders like ParkZone or Airfield would come out with a Lib. I would be first in line to buy one. There's been a few scale, balsa nitro versions along the way but that's way over my head both technically and cost wise.

I'll keep the dream going...
I had a b-24 that i picked up in a trade for a bunch of stuff . The fuse was almost done with working bomb doors and moving turrets . I was telling a old guy in my club about it and he asked if the box was notched out to hold the fuse, i said yes .Him and his son had started it 10 years ago and he said he kinda missed it . Iam not building warbirds anymore so i told him that he and his grown up son now, could come get the two boxes of parts and finish it. lol He stoped over very fast to pick his long lost b-24 up . Small world dont you think. joe
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