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Originally Posted by aaindthu View Post
For the landing gears, I took bicycle spoke wire and bent it and glued it to a large piece of cardboard with epoxy. After it got cured, I applied some wood glue to the other side of the cardboard and simply pasted it under the fuselage.

Attachment 186939Attachment 186940

I have cut out the lower portion of the motor "cowling" exposing the lower part of the motor to the airflow for cooling purposes as pointed out by Panther.

And I painted it. Now the flying weight/AUW of the plane is 750 grams (1.65 lbs), 80 grams (0.176 lbs) lesser than the previous design. Watt per pound of the plane comes to 90.

And cg is at tip of the leading edge. So, I did not have to add any balast to move the cg. All looks good to me. I am going to try to fly it tomorrow

Attachment 186941
Your CG may wind up being closer to 1.75" from the tip of the leading edge. The "tip" of the leading edge might be a little too far forward. Take it out to some high grass and chunk it out there at about 45 degrees and see how it comes down. chas
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