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I have seen this same type of complaints close other things.

The hardest one to understand was this;

In my high school and collage years (mid to late 60's) several of my friends and I liked to hot-rod cars, who didn't back then?
We hung around a speedshop that ground cams, and crankshafts, ported and polished heads, and built full race engines. I did final building of the engines, while 2 friends ground the cams & cranks, another kid ground valves and assembled the heads.

There was a drag strip miles away from any town or any home. It was about 1/2 mile off the highway, totally surrounded by tall fir trees. the name was the Puyallup Drag Strip.
Many large races were held there. People like Big Daddy Don Garlits, Jerry Ruth and too many others to even think about.

What I am getting at, is that this was not just a bunch of guys flying airplanes, this was a multi million dollar business,

Then some idiot home building company, bought a large chunk of land along the highway and down the entrance road to the drag strip. I guess it might have been cheap land because of the noise. They built many homes and of course sold them. After a short while the homeowners got together and wouldn't you know, they started complaining about the noise, that they knew was just down the road from them. They absolutely knew about the drag strip because there was a billboard sized sign, at the highway, pointing down the road that went straight through the housing area.

They all ended up in court, and guess what; the drag strip was shut down.

The same exact chain of things happened to my old gun club, only this time the gun club won, and was granted a lifetime permit by the court.

I am this years president of an all electric club here in Lacey, called PSSF, we have homes visible from the runway, but a long ways off, behind us are homes much closer. We do not allow even loud electric planes before 8:00 am. So far no noise complaints. The land owner loves us, and offers his backhoe for large digs, he has even instructed his heirs, that the flying field must remain. I feel we are very lucky. You can zoom in to see our field in the link below.


I wish you all the same luck.
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