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We are, despite what some may think, a very small group of adults doing something that the rest of population thinks of as 'playing with kids toys'. Thus any complaint against a modelling group, club or whatever is easily solved by the PooBahs and Iams at village/city/county/state hall - no more model flying there.

It's pretty world-wide. I was in a club in England, around three miles from the two biggest USAF bases in England, perhaps even Europe. If you've never heard the likes of an F111 or F15 in the visual circuit, you are lucky.

Anyway, small club, renting a patch off a local landowner. Within legal and safe limits of the USAF base flight patterns, all that good stuff. One neighbour didn't like it. We found out that, after we'd been kicked off, that the protestor had submitted a petition of supporting claimants to get rid of the noise issue. Most signatures were from the complainer's family, one signature came from a family member who lived in Scotland. Must have had real good hearing, that's around 300 miles north...

The quiet flight only site I used to fly at in Maryland had been home to the DC RC - one of the founder RC clubs in the US. The site was atop a capped off landfill in an industrial area. Then some developer built a bunch of pretty big houses next to the landfill. Yes, you'd think that someone who could earn enough to buy a house like that would not to want to live by an old landfill.

Regardless, one of their new neighbours didn't like the noise and had connections with the local county - who had not only allowed the club to fly off the site, they'd installed running water, electricity, sunshades, two tarmac runways and a dirt road up the landfill to the site.

The club was soon ordered off the site - to another county patch, way out in the country.

The whiner eventually moved - tracked by a club member who had a business close by - and gentle nudging got the site back for quiet flight only. That has to be rare, if not unique.

There's a club up in the north of Illinois that got booted off their site by a horsey club - another source of good contact with the Iams at *Hall. They re-formed as electrics only and have another pretty good site, but are scrambling for enough members to be financially viable.

So, it can be done, but you need lots of luck and determination.

The offered alternative of doing nothing to help the rest of our hobby bar slagging off the AMA, without whom it would be impossible to buy cheap Chinese rip-off stuff, and going flying on some dirt patch/school yard/wherever until told to go away, then moving to somewhere similar could, one day, be our only recourse. At least now, such people can't shoot down any unfortunates flying on legitimate sites thanks to 2.4meg RC gear. Not that suchlike would bother them about doing that to others.

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