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Originally Posted by Wildflyer View Post
It seems to me after many years in this hobby, that some people are simply against model planes.

I know it is NOT the level of noise a plane makes even if is nitro powered, it is the high frequency of the sound that some people find abrasive. Many times the model can't be heard until all other sounds are quiet. They complain about the airplane even though many other common sounds, like lawn mowers, cars, trucks, and trains are far louder.

Then some peoples complaints can not be figured out, about 1985, several of my friends and I were flying planes on a large field next to a high school. A police car pulled up and the officer walked over to us. He informed us there had been a noise complaint and we would have to pack up and leave, or we all would get a fine for the noise.

We all just stood there looking at each other, finally one guy said " Sir all these planes are gliders pulled up with a long rubber tube, do you see any motors here?"
The cop just looked around at the planes, and then said " S O B "under his breath and walked off.
A few years back, a local park had complaints against model engine noise. The city's response? "No Engine Powered Model Airplanes Allowed". That park is no longer available, it is presently heavily used by the local kids for soccer and baseball games.

Years ago, one of my local clubs lost their field due to noise complaints by a woman that lived over a mile away. She was friends with the city mayor, and the field was gone. So sad, the farmer right across the road often came over to watch us fly our stuff.
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