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Angry All it takes is one person ( We now have a new field)

Last December our club had it's first noise complaint, we've been there 15 years.
After I heard the complaint I drove to the street where the complainant lives. We had a person fly the noisiest airplane we had. I only could hear it when I shut the engine on my van off, opened the window and there were no cars driving by.

Our club noise regulations were 90db at 9 feet. The person lived 3000 feet from where we were flying.

We didn't have a chance to rebut the "noise", the town shut us down.

Because were rent a spot on a farm, we came under some special rules, It was hinted that if we filled out the paperwork we could get a permit from the town. 6 months and $1,200 in application fees later, no permit.
At the meeting this week, the board discovered that some of its members are abbutters to the abutters of the field.
Why didn't they realize that 6 months ago? So no action on the permit.

Now the state agriculture department is putting us off a few more months.
One member of the board said," farm land is for farming".

I don't think we'll get very far with her.

One member suggested we find another location on the farm that wasn't suitable for farming.
The farm owner said that the area we use is not on her irrigation supply line and if we weren't there she still would not plant there.
Deaf ears.

If we find another location on the farm, the town permit process starts all over again. More money and time and no guarantee of ever getting a permit.

So, If you have one person flying one noisy model, really bad things can happen.

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