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Originally Posted by 70sflyer View Post
I am not sure of my battery choice and would like some feed back.I am building a 60 hanger 9 Corsair.Im thinking close to 9 lbs when completed.Motor is AXI 4130/20,305 KV.controller is Phoenix 80 ESC.Prop is 15/8.For battery I am thinking a 5000MAH,6S,30C.Is that in the ball park?Any help would be appreciated.Thanks Dean
I am thinking you have it about right except maybe prop, I would go with the 15/10 or bigger maybe in the 16 or 18 range, check this out
bhttp://www.modelmotors.cz/index.php?page=61&product=4130&serie=20&line=GOLD and your battery is good. you are in the ball park there. That would be a great set up for that plane
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