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Originally Posted by rc modler View Post

Thank you for your reply. I think I know where I am at now all I had to do was look at my receiver. I have quite a few planes but I am mainly interested in using the dual batteries in some foamies as a test with weight. I am using the 4.8 that comes with the Spectrum DX7. Now if i use an ESC with a BEC will I have voltage conflict to the receiver?? I think so but I am not sure. Like I said I am just testing different things out I just dont want to cause damage.

Let us know which ESC you are using. Most ESC's have a built in BEC (Battery Elimination Circuit) that can power your receiver and servos for the smaller models. But, once you get past the "Foamie" sized models, you've got to be a little careful with that built in BEC.

For the larger models, check out those switching types of BEC's such as the Castle Creations 10 Amp BEC, or the Common Sense BEC. I've used both for years with complete success.

Now, Castle Creations, along with several other ESC mfg's have come up with an ESC with a built in uBEC (switching power supply BEC) that will do the job. The CC units have the "ICE" designation.

Note that you can NOT use both an internal BEC, and a separate receiver battery at the same time. If you use a separate receiver battery, you must disconnect the red wire of the ESC servo connector. Just lift the tab, pull the red wire out, and cover it with a piece of tape or shrink tubing.

Hope this helps.
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