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Originally Posted by scalercflyer View Post
Guys I have several rubber kits( 1 -DVa 2 DRIs,1-SE5a,1-Sopwith Camel) made by Comet/Guillows. Was thinking of converting (all of them eventually) the Albatros DVa and using a Vapor brick but I'm afraid the servos might be too light to actuate the control surfaces. What do you Guys think? Maybe I'd be better off with 2-3.7 gram servos, a small lipo, 10 gram BL, and a 6110 RX. Marty
Here's my thoughts, but I may not be the best to ask, since I've got no experience with the Vapor Brick deal.

I'd think if you made your planes INCREDIBLY light, you may get away with it, but the problem especially the Albatros is that they seem to come out heavier than other planes, or at least higher wing loading, and that obviously means faster flight. Faster flight may strain that lightweight gear to failure. I personally would not be happy with the lack of detail you'd get with an albatros if it were kept light enough.

Now if Comet/Guillows made a Jenny, I could definitely see doing a super light plane with the light weight gear inside. Lot's of fun for sure. It would be like a living room flyer.
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