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Originally Posted by Mooney_Driver View Post
I have read through most of this sticky trying to find information hopefully in the form of a chart that equates nitro engine size to electric size. I know that the 400 size electric is about equal to .049 nitro but others I am not so sure about.

I am looking for electric equivalents to the Cox .010 and also the Cox .020 engine but most of what I see starts with the 400 class electric. I assume park flyer motors must be in a different category as I do not easily locate them when looking through sites such as Hobby Lobby or Tower.

Thank you.
There are all kinds of such charts. None of them agree because this is the wrong approach to take to size an electric motor. If you read the thread you know that the proper way to size an electric motor to your plane is watts/pound.

As you know, not all .010 motors are the same nor area the .020s. Not try to create a chart that equates every .10 and .20 to every electric and you would need a major spreadsheet to use the tool.

But watts/pound works as the best starting point.

If you did not read that in this thread, then read this book on electric power:

Everything you wanted to know about electric power.

If you just want to buy a motor that is this MFG says is comparable to a .10 then buy this one:

The claim this one is about comparable to a .25

This is claimed to be similar to a .46

If that is what you want, then you have what you need.

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