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Originally Posted by Rescue2slc View Post
Great info on here I am am new to wattflyer and am extremely impressed. Still confused though. I just picked up a CMP P40 .50 and I am semi clueless on the power system I should use. This is what I have come up with so far.already have to Eflght ESC, batteries, and the ar7000 so trying to make good use of them. Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

1. Turnigy 50-55 580Kv / 1580w or SK Series 42-60 500Kv / 1475W
2. 60 AMP EFlight ESC
3. (2) 3s 1800mah run in series. ( may buy the 2200 mah zippys) >?>?
5. AR7000

I am using retracts with it as well ...do I need a external BEC?
total of 6 servos. Maybe 7 if I add the tail wheel retract. 2 hitec 425's (retracts)and 4 322HD standard servos. Also want a scale 3 blade prop and spinner.

Thanks again for all the great info.

Tell us why you selected this set-up and we can better tell you if it will meet objectives.

With no link to the planes information, no link to the motor's information, and no stated performance goal, all I can say is that it will consume electricity and churn the air.
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