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Originally Posted by R/C Dallas View Post
Thanks for the info Jerry...but I think 9700 RPM is a bit high for a 22 x 12 prop. That would give you over 60 pounds of thrust and would take more than 13kW to produce...I think it's probably closer to 6700.

That said, the system looks and sounds like it could power my 31% Extra OK but I'm worried the batteries are probably near the end of their life cycle. I'm interested to see what the volt reading is under a load of around 80 amps. Also, out of curiosity, why are you getting rid of it?

I am sorry, it was 8700 RPMs, not 9700. If you go to this page on the PJS website, you will see the 3D 10000 stats.

Stats for the MGM esc can be found at this site.

The Tanic packs have maybe 30 cycles on them and Tanic states that they will be good for between 300 & 500 cycles if maintained properly. These packs have always been balanced and are in excellent shape.

The PJS 22 x 12 Electric Carbon Fiber Prop has never hit the ground and is in like new condidtion. No nicks, scratches or scrapes on it at all.

I am selling this power system because I no longer have an aircraft for it. The Ultimate was sold to another modeler that was going to power it with a glow engine & did not require the electric power system.

If I do not sell this system soon, I will keep it and maybe install it in another giant scale aircraft like a GP YAK 54, GP Pitts, or Wild Hare Sukhoi.

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